Caitlin Norton Wyatt

I make art about women coming to terms with who they are

Caitlin Norton Resume.jpg

Top Ten Special Skills:

1. I can run for days. (Marathon runner)

2. I can teach you about cars...and change your oil. (Automotive product specialist)

3. I can help you have a baby. (CD(DONA) Certified DONA Doula and birth teacher)

4.  I can report the truth and nothing but, and look good while doing it. (BFA in Broadcast Journalism)

5. I can "yes, and" the shit outta you. (Groundlings and UCB trained improviser)

6. I can pahk yah cah, alright your guv'nah, and bless your little heart, don cha know. (Gifted with accents)

7. I can make your kids fall in love with me. (Nanny for 10+ years)

8. I can write a script that'll make you laugh and cry, simultaneously. (Ask for samples)

9.  I can blache, bias-slice and braise with the best of em. (Come over for dinner)

10.   I can convince you I used to be an addict. (Skilled at characters struggling with addiction.)



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