Caitlin Norton Wyatt

I make art about women coming to terms with who they are

Hi there, I'm Caitlin and I want to make you laugh... or cry; better yet, both at the same time. I'm a Los Angeles based actor and writer.  I'm also an all around good time....seriously, invite me to your next party.

After hustlin’ in NYC for eight years, I moved to California and I haven’t looked back since! New York will always have a piece of my heart but, in LA, it feels like anything is possible.  I am deeply passionate about creating my own work, collaborating, and telling stories I believe in wholeheartedly.  I tell stories about relationships everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom. I was raised in a big midwestern family where I never felt more loved, judged or cared for by my Irish/Italian relatives.  I love exploring the complexitites, humor and quirks that come out of the only people in the world it’s socially acceptable to not be able to stand will simultaneously loving them to pieces. When I see real life portrayed... the ugly, the embarassing, the beautiful... It connects me to mankind and I feel apart of a greater worldwide consciousness. Won’t you join me? 

I am a chameleon. Seeking a single mom with S&M tendencies? Check out, "LAX-JFK", the piece I wrote, directed and starred in.  Looking for a buttoned-up housewife unraveling at the seams? Check out my work in the film “Maybe Tomorrow”.  Searching for a bad-ass boss with a vulnerable side? Watch me take interns to task as a magazine editor in the pilot "Breuckelen." Need a drug addict with a heart of gold? Try “Augie’s Ring” on for size.  I love playing women coming to terms with who they are...they're challenging, complex and vulnerable...all in my wheelhouse.

My television credits include Gossip Girl, Rescue Me, The Good Wife and, the gone but only half-forgotten All My Children and As the World Turns.

On the New York stage, I've appeared off-Broadway in Edward Albee's "At Home at the Zoo" (Playwrights Horizons), Augie’s Ring (Urban Stages), The Money Tree (The Directors Company), Snakebit (Sage Theatre) and That’s Something (The Producers Club).

 In addition to enjoying the wide world of acting, writing and entertainment, I am a marathon runner, avid  cook and compulsive animal adopter.  

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